Copy Trading-N/A

Social Trading (Copy Signal) is copy them automatically in proportion, managing exposures and risk.
You can search thousands of Signal Providers with a professional and advanced search tool, you can analyse in minute detail their strategy, and above all you can replicate their performance by totally customizing risk and money management.
Signal Receiver can monitor and manually copy their favourite managers.

How to become a Signal Receiver?

  • Select an appropriate Signal Receiver from the ratings.
  • Register in the platform and open investment account
  • Invest and manage the funds on your investment account from your MT4 Payment Account.

How to become a Signal Provider?

  • Register with Social Provider in our Tickcopy website.
  • Open a Manager account, set the manager’s capital, and transfer the respective amount from your MT4 Payment Account
  • Set the terms of the proposal according to which you will be accepting investments on your Signal Provider account and start trading

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