Money Management

Money Management

Here you can find details information for all main topics related to Money Management Platform. All articles divided by role: one part for investors and the second part for money managers(traders).


Become Investor

  • How to open an investment account?
  • How to start following a trader?
  • How to stop following the trader (unsubscribe)?
  • How to unsubscribe from all money-managers and close all positions?
  • How to make a Deposit/ Withdrawal when I am Social Trading / MAM investor?
  • How to make Deposit/ Withdrawal when I am PAMM investor?

Become Manager

  • How to open a master account?
  • How to add the nick-name and description of my trading strategy?
  • How can I charge investors and set fees?
  • How can I make Deposit/Withdrawal in Copy (Social) trading/ MAM?
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