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The Money Management system gives every customer a chance to take Zero-Risk profit by attracting investors to the system. Attracting an investor in a Master account, the team member or partner receives commission from the Forex trader in case the investment performed well. If the investment appears to be successful, you will be entitled to up to 70% of trader’s profit!


Example of taking profit in MAM/PAMM:

A MAM/PAMM trader Account 2034150 sets 50% of profit for MAM/PAMM partners in the settings of his account (MAM/PAMM trader reward is 40%). You register with the MAM/PAMM system as partner and attract two investors in account 2034150.

The first investor transfers USD 1,000. The second investor transfers USD 2,000.

Case 1: The investment made by the first investor is losing. After refund of the investment, your result is neither positive nor negative.

Case 2: The investment of the second investor yields USD 1,000. After refund of the investment and profit, the system automatically credits commission to the account of the MAM/PAMM trader, which equals USD 1,000 * 40% = USD 400. At the same time, you automatically receive 50% of this commission to your partner account, which amounts to USD 400 * 50% = USD 200.

All payments are processed automatically.

In order to register with the MAM/PAMM system as a referral partner, it is necessary to register your Tickcopy Payment Account.

If you want to register as MAM/PAMM Partner right now, please fill in the below information. Our Money Management Ambassador will contact you as soon as possible.

Registration as PAMM Partner

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