KYC & AML Management

Standard KYC procedures & compliance

As a responsible financial institution, Tickcopy Limited (Tickcopy) ensures it is in complete compliance with all applicable industry standards. We focus on enduring relationships with our clients and are proud of our ability to serve each client according to their specific needs and goals.

In addition to building excellent client relationships, we also comply with relevant anti-money laundering laws in a way that enables us to protect our clients’ assets and provide them first-rate financial services.

To balance this compliance and service issue, Tickcopy requires original or certified/notarized ID and proof of residence for all corporate accounts.

Our standard KYC requirement for account opening includes providing the following:

For all beneficial owners ( Indivdual accounts):

  • Passport and ID copy;
  • Utility bill less than 3 months (as proof of address);
  • OR client’s last bank statement;
  • Description about source of funds.

Tickcopy can ask its clients to justify certain financial transactions. If you are asked such questions, you will be expected to provide us relevant transactions receipts or invoices. We reserve the right to contact the parties associated with such transactions to verify their legitimacy.

Tickcopy notifies all account debits to the account holders via email. Sometimes, we can also call on the given contact number to verify who is using the system/account. This necessitates that you notify us in case of a change of contact details.

Tickcopy’s objective is to keep our institution above reproach, and we appreciate our clients’cooperation in helping us comply with all applicable legislation.

Tickcopy implemented a Singapore Fintech Company to preform KYC (Know Your Customers) on every individual and companies clients when client register the account.

We frequently updated lists of sanctions and PEPs from authorities in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Nations, Switzerland and others.

Instant KYC, AML, sanction checks on Companies and Persons against combined compliance lists under UN, US OFAC, UK, EU, CA, AU, SZ, Interpol.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Discourse

Tickcopy Limited (Tickcopy) (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Tickcopy”) is obliged to follow certain requirements as set out by the local regulator for preventing and suppressing money laundering activities, which obliges Tickcopy to follow strict Anti- Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing procedures while also requires Tickcopy to obtain certain verification information as well as documentation.

Tickcopy determines the identity of the beneficial ownership of all its clients’ accounts and does not open or maintain such accounts, unless it is satisfied with this requirement, as stipulated in the AML Code and the legislative requirements. It has established procedures to obtain appropriate evidence of client identity and maintains adequate records of client identity and transactions involved in such a manner as to assist, if necessary, in the investigation of criminal offenses.

Tickcopy has in place policies and procedures to identify and avoid money laundering transactions and to ensure compliance with the requirements of any relevant legislation issued by its regulator.

Tickcopy is vigilant in ensuring the prevention of its involvement or misuse in money laundering activities and is not knowingly accepting assets or enter into business relationships where there is reasonable cause to believe that such assets may have been acquired illegally or that they represent the proceeds of criminal activity.

Tickcopy shall promptly report suspicious transactions relating to any account to the Supervisory Authority.

Where there is the suspicion that the source of funds may be criminal or that a client may be involved in criminal activity, Tickcopy shall follow established procedures for assessing the evidence and determining what course of action should be pursued.

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